Course Open

We are very pleased to announce that Steve Dudley-Brown has accepted our offer to join Beeston Fields as our Golf Course Manager. Steve will report to the general manager and will have full responsibility for the upkeep of the golf course.

Steve has almost 20 years’ experience of green-keeping and joins us from the Club Company, which operates a number of clubs in the UK, including Tytherington and Lichfield where he has been the Course Manager.  As you will see from his own summary below, he has worked in both Australia and New Zealand and has covered a number of major events in this country.  He will be able to join us by the end of January and in the meantime he will be working with the general manager on our plans for both short term and long term improvements to the golf course.

This is another major step in our strategic plan and Steve and George will ensure that we have a golf course in great condition for the 2018 playing season and well worthy to be the Nottinghamshire County Course in 2019.  Steve is looking forward to meeting everyone and has sent a personal message below.

Message from our New Golf Course Manager: 

‘Hi, my name is Steve Dudley Brown and I’m the new golf course manager here at Beeston Fields Golf Club.  I’m a very passionate and hard-working Greenkeeper with experience working in different parts of this country and also in New Zealand and Australia.  I have been lucky enough to have worked on some major competitions like the European Tour, British Masters and Senior Masters.  On a personal note, I have always enjoyed keeping fit by playing golf and practising martial arts and I’m currently training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  I’m looking forward to working here and seeing how we can develop the golf course.”

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