Course Open

My name is James Matthews and I am the new golf assistant working in the shop here at Beeston Fields. This custom fitting scenario was split into 2 stages to demonstrate the importance of the correct setup throughout your clubs for both club loft and the flex of shaft. Both aspects can impact a shot substantially.

A selection of drivers were used during this custom fitting scenario, these included; Ping G400 (£349), Titleist 917 D3 (£329) and Benross Htx Compressor Type R (£199).


Stage 1

Driver – Ping G400, 10.5 degrees loft with regular flex shaft

Driver 2 – Ping G400, 9.5 degrees loft with regular flex shaft

Driver 3 – Ping G400, 9.5 degrees loft with Tour 65 stiff flex shaft

The figures above provided by SkyTrak, are important to see the difference made to both the spin rate and distance, dependent on the loft and shaft option fitted for each driver setup. The first driver setup using the Ping G400 was used to demonstrate the impact of loft and how this can change spin and launch angle of each shot, lowering the loft was beneficial for lowering both spin rate and launch angle. However, due to my club head speed consistently reaching above 100mph it was also important to make sure the shaft option fitted matched this aspect. Changing the shaft option to a Tour 65 stiff shaft helped to reduce to the spin rate and launch angle further to more optimal levels for my swing. These changes also lead to greater distance off the tee, however, it is also important to note that this always came with a negative effect on dispersion of the drives. This may in part be due to the changes made with each driver setup, and down to my swing with a lack of warm up before the session. This highlights the benefit of adequately warming up before a custom fitting session and before each round of golf, to make sure you can perform at an optimal level for your game.


Stage 2


Driver – Titleist 917 D3, 10 degrees loft with x-stiff shaft

Driver 2 – Benross Htx compressor Type R, 9 degrees loft with stiff flex shaft


Stage 2 of the session was used to see how performance can differ ultimately down to shaft option to see if my swing was optimal for a stiff or x-stiff shaft. Hitting the Titleist 917 D3 gave me more optimal stats across the board and resulted in a greater total distance off the tee compared to the 3 previous setups tested in Stage 1 of the fitting session. The dispersion off the tee was also lower when compared to the Ping G400 when fitted with a shaft more suitable for my swing. 

Antony then got me to hit a Benross Htx Compressor Type R driver to compare performance with the clubs previously hit. The Benross Type R was set at 9 degrees and fitted with a stiff flex shaft, upon testing this driver performed the best overall for me (see table above), giving me higher ball speed, lower spin rates, greater overall distance off the tee and higher PTI. Although this driver was not quite as accurate in comparison to the Titleist 917 D3, however, overlooking this, the Benross Type R proved to be the most optimal in term of performance for my swing.


The stats displayed from SkyTrak also highlight the importance of the client coming into the custom fitting with an open mind instead of specifically focussing on a single brand. This scenario demonstrates the importance of trying all options available to the client, as well as, the fact that the most expensive driver may not always perform at an optimum level for all golfers.

Shot optimiser 

This feature allows the fitter to look at each shot in detail, identifying key aspects to allow the client to benefit the most from their club of choice. Displaying information on distance, dispersion, and optimal ranges for launch angle, spin rate and descent angle. This feature makes it easier for the fitter to see what aspects need to be changed to give the client optimum figures.

See images to right and below for examples of the shot optimiser for some of the shots hit during this session. Figures in green indicate optimal levels for performance, amber just outside of optimal range and red way outside of optimal range. The 3 images displaying more optimal figures for performance are from the Titleist 917 D3, Benross Type R and Ping G400 fitted with stiff flex shaft. The final image displaying figures way outside of optimal performance for me were provided when testing the Ping G400 driver fitted with a regular flex shaft. Highlighting the benefit of having a club that is setup correctly for your swing, with the correct loft and shaft option to allow you to get the most out of the club in terms of performance.

Custom fitting sessions can be booked through the pro shop, please contact or talk to Connor or Antony to book your session. If you have any questions or queries in regards to booking a custom fitting session or the TaylorMade challenge please do not hesitate to pop in.