The course is fully open. Preferred lies on the fairways (updated 02 April at 19:06)

Beeston Fields Seniors Mixed Open - 19/09/18

1st Place - 87 points - P. Small, M. Wright, C. Horsley and T. Kirkpatrick
2nd Place - 83 points - K. Render, D. Render, K. Dobney and J. Dobney
3rd Place - 80 points - N. Burton, R. Smith, M. Doyle and S. Bateman
4th - 79 points (B9) - M. Hardwidge, J. Hardwidge, M. Johnson and K. Johnson
5th - 79 points (B9) - A. Holmes, B. Upton, T. Davis and N. Davis
6th - 79 points - R. Lea, K. Lea, I. Dickering and C. Dickering
7th - 78 points (B9) M. Graham, G. Graham, G. Cross and V. Cross
8th - 78 points - J. Bywater, P. Bywater, B. Sims and G. Sims
9th - 77 points (B3) - P. Wilkinson, J. Argent, K. Hircock and M. Sharp
10th - 77 points - H. Howard, S. Harris, A. Finch and L. Finch 
11th - 75 points (B9) - G. Bonson, N. Bonson, M. Jones and K. Jones
12th - 75 points - D. Wagstaff, P. Bailey, A. Simpson and G. Proudley
13th - 74 points (B9) - J. Barrs, S. Maine, L. Burt and S. Piddock
14th - 74 points - T. Todd, A. Todd, A. Chambers and J. Chambers 
15th - 73 points - C. Hodges, R. Hodges, J. McKinley and M. Dade
16th - 70 points - J. Thorpe, P. Boyles, G. Bent and I. Bent
17th - 69 points (B1) - R. Burley, J. Bingham, A. Stacey and G. Stacey
18th - 69 points - J. Read, P. Hudson, T. Arnold and C. Arnold
19th - 68 points - M. Mullins, J. Hesling, L. Mullins and A. Hesling
20th - 65 points - G. Wilson, A. Wilson, G. Fowler and L. Lester
21st - 63 points - M. Ferguson, G. Ferguson, B. Shaw and P. Dunn
22nd - 59 points - K. Oscroft, G. Oscroft, N. Sheffield and B. Sheffield
DQ - (75 points) - I. Thompson, T. Hanson, J Doyle and P. Nicolle 
Well dome to everyone who participated in the competition!