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Now that Summer has well and truly left us, we are preparing to play golf in a colder and wetter environment. Not only do we need to layer up, but the course condition changes in the Autumn/Winter months. In January this year, we unfortunately had a lot of rain which resulted in closing the course for long periods of time. This winter, we are hoping for better luck. The following tips should help you keep your game at the highest possible standard. 

Warm up

Colder weather results in colder muscles, meaning you are more likely to sustain an injury. Ensure you warm up correctly before teeing off to avoid any muscle strains. 

Update your golf bag 

When the weather changes the course, you should change your equipment too. 

"It’s often difficult to hit long irons well from thick grass or longer fairways and muddy lies so consider swapping your 3 and 4 irons for two hybrid clubs that are easier to hit from a variety of lies.

The same goes with wedges. If you use a lob wedge or sand wedge with very little bounce on it, you’ll find that your sharp leading edge can dig into the ground more easily when it’s softer and wetter – causing you to catch your chips and pitches fat.

When lies are muddy around the greens it’s often easier to play them a bit like bunker shots and adding a wedge with more bounce into your bag will help you to do this."

Our PGA Professional's tip:

When the ground is softer in wet weather, the balls tend to stop much quicker and bounce less - Antony advises that you use a harder compression golf ball, which will make your ball go further when it lands. Also, ensure you regularly clean your ball which encourages the ball to glide better. 

Stronger putting

When the greens are wetter and slower in Winter, it means you need to make sure you're more confident when you putt. You can be more aggressive and you'll have more success!

Stay hydrated!

Even though this is a must in Summer, make sure you don't forget to take a drink onto the course with you to keep hydrated. A nice hot beverage in a flask is a great way to stay warm as well as hydrated. 

Stay fuelled

Warm, hearty meals are great in the winter, so ensure you keep fuelled with a nice soup, or warm meal from our clubhouse menu!

Credit to Thorpeness Golf Club & Hotel

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