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Nottingham University’s Golf Squad 

Antony Ryder and Lee Clarke coach Nottingham University's golf squad on a weekly basis, and this week we are giving you a look into at the great work they do. The president of the squad has written about how much they have improved as a whole due to the help of Beeston Fields:

"Nottingham University’s golf squad consists of 40 members, rotated each week to make up 3 teams. The 1sts play in the top university league in the country and all teams are only able to compete at such a high level through consistent effort.

Through Beeston Fields generosity, we are able to practice often with several players becoming members. We work for three hours every weekend with Anthony Ryder and Lee Clarke that really helps develop our games.

Since September, Anthony and Lee have devised lessons to go through each part of the game and planned out what aspects to focus on. From something as simple and effective as course management, to meta-analysis of flight scope. There have been immediate results and also long-term goals we can all work on thanks to the help of them both. Whilst it is conceivable two sets of instruction can point in different directions, both coaches work extremely well together and offer an array of suggestions, with each piece of assistance syncing with everyone’s individual golf swing.

I have personally watched members of the squad’s games change, including my own, and I am extremely pleased at not only the effort Anthony and Lee put in each week, but the relationship developed with the squad. What is unique about golf is perfection is never achieved; there is always a desire to be better. With their help I feel that ‘better’ and the aforementioned long-term goals can become a reality. The work they put into coaching the squad feeds the desire to improve performance, and I hope the relationship established with Anthony, Lee and Beeston Fields continues to flourish. It is certainly not taken for granted.

Have an excellent summer golfing.

Kind Regards,

Dan Cox


University of Nottingham Golf"

For more information on lessons or anything you've read on this week's blog, contact Antony in the pro shop.

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