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Sunday marks the beginning of May, which happens to be National Golf Month 2016. With the golf season already upon us, there's no better time to Get into Golf. 

Beeston Fields are part of Get into Golf and National Golf Month, therefore we are encouraging anybody who may be interested in playing golf, no matter what ability to come forward.  

Why Play Golf? 

Doctors recommend golf as a sport due to the core ingredients it holds with regards to a healthy lifestyle: 

  • It burns more calories than a fast and furious gym session! In an average 18-hole round of golf, you can burn at least 900 calories. Carrying or pushing your clubs around the course, combined with each swing, and walking an average of five miles means you are combining all weight loss benefits. 
  • Golf is an incredibly social sport, therefore you can socialise with friends whilst playing a round, or you can create new bonds with current members. Not only that, but you can continue the socialising in the clubhouse afterwards over a drink and some food. 
  • Playing golf can help combat stress, according to phycologists. They refer to this kind of sport as "green exercise". Whereby you are outdoors with nature whilst playing. The sport helps bring down your blood pressure, and cholesterol, making it good for your heart, subsequently making you live longer.  

If you, or anybody you may know is interested in golf, or returning to playing golf after a while, contact either of our PGA Golf Professionals. 

Below is all the information you need with regards to our packages and deals. 

Get into Golf at Beeston Fields

Girls Golf Coaching at Beeston Fields

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