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Welcome to our Brand New Official Beeston Fields Blog!

Here you will find information and news every Friday afternoon. From Antony and Adam in the Pro Shop to Gary and Jack in the kitchen, each week there will be something new from a different part of the club. This blog will be the go-to place to see new and exciting content from all things Beeston Fields, so keep an eye out! 

As this is our first ever blog post, we didn't want to bombard you with information. Instead, we decided it was a better idea to give you an insight to the changes we are making throughout the clubhouse. 

Some of you may or may not be aware that in May, we are having a complete refurbishment of the bar and restaurant area - with the aim to make the club as welcoming and as up-to-date as possible for both members and visitors. As we are updating the inside, we wanted to update our image on the outside (so to speak), therefore we have offically created an image for the club's online and print material. This branding will act as a representation of aims and values of the family owned club. 

As you will have seen when you came on to our website, we have new photo scrollers under the headings, "LIVE, DINE, PLAY" to pinpoint everything we offer into three seperate categories. These three categories will act as part of our new image and branding material, thus clarifying exactly what we do. Click on the image below to view in full size. 

This branding is begining to form some continuity, both around the clubhouse and on our media platforms. Feel free to give any feedback good or bad! I'm sure you can all agree, having an image to call our own is much better than none at all.  

Beeston Golf Club