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Sunday was the final day of The 2016 Masters, and it was a fantastic end to the four-day tournament. Danny Willet won his first major championship, and bagged the most sought after green jacket in professional golf. It somewhat seemed like fate that his wife gave birth early, allowing Willet to compete. Their due date was on the final day of The Masters (10th) which consequently would have left him unable to take part. He managed to become the fourth British competitor to win the tournament, and become a new dad to his first-born, all within a week!

Willet spoke to Sir Alex Ferguson for advice following his win. Danny has revealed that he is now setting his sights for the world No.1 title. Ferguson told him that when he was at United, they never looked back on what they had previously won, only ever looking forward onto the next big win. Willet mentioned that this had struck a chord with him, as he has always said that it is not about what you have done, but what you can do. He is now determined to keep pushing forward, admitting that hard work is the key to success. This comment mimics our new PGA Professional, Natalie Clarke, who joined us this week. In her profile for Beeston Fields she rounded off with a simple yet effective - “dedication and practice is a must if you're wanting to better your game." Ironically, Natalie’s brother used to caddy for Danny Willet!

Beeston Fields could potentially be home to a future Masters winner (here’s hoping), with the junior team winning their first game of the season against Worksop 3.5 to 1.5. Congratulations to Ben Adams and his juniors, long may it continue!

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