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Equipment MOT

Loft & Lie Check Including Alterations

R & D Test Results: Based on 165 yard #6 iron shot

  • Lie angle 2° off equates to a shot 20 feet off target line
  • Lie angle 4° off equates to a shot 40 feet off target line

Lie Angle

Lie angle has a significant effect on a player's ball flight and is easily identified and diagnosed. When lie angle does not fit the player's swing correctly the ball flight will often force changes in their swing and the player can develop poor swing mechanics.

Lie angle is tested with impact tape and a lie board. The player will begin testing lie angle at 62.5° (standard) and hit shots off the lie board with both ball flight and impact marks evaluated.



£5 per Club
or £35 for 9 Irons

(Saving £10)

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