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Custom Fit

Custom Fit Session - Driver

During this session we will start with your current driver to gain some data of how that is performing. After a discussion of what ball flight and shape of shot you are looking for, or if you're trying to eliminate a certain bad shot then we can test other drivers that will be suitable. The Golf Achiever software will analyise each club giving data readings and averages on how each club is performing, from there we can determine the perfect driver for you.
£25 - (£15 is refunded against sale of new driver)

Long Game Gap Fitting Session - Fairways & Hybrids

In this session we will use Golf Achiever software to help determine the correct lofted fairway wood & hybrids to fit in your set make-up. This will provide even distance gaps between each club.
£25 - (£15 is refunded against sale of new fairway/hybrid)

Custom Fit Session - Irons

Using Golf Achiever Launch Monitor and our large selection of demo equipment we can test various different models of irons interchanging with different shaft options to provide the ideal launch and spin to maximise ball flight and distance. After deciding the perfect shaft a full fit is carried out to determine length, lie, grip thickness & grip type.
£25 - (£15 is refunded against sale of new set of irons)


All custom fit appointments & prices include the use of the Golf Achiever Launch Monitor & Simulation software 

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